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Why do we need Crop Protection Products?

Crop protection products control the pests that threaten our food supply. In the developed world, we can choose from a wide variety of foods from all over the world. We expect - demand even - that this food is fresh, of high quality, free from disease and insect damage or any possible contamination.

In the developed world, we also draw significant economic and social benefits from crop protection products. They have brought the price of fresh fruit and vegetables - now known to protect against coronary heart disease and cancer - within the reach of even the poorest families and they have freed millions from the drudgery of hand weeding. By helping to keep farming profitable, they also contribute immensely to the maintenance of rural communities.
Helping the developing world , Meanwhile, food shortages and poor diet remain a severe problem in much of the developing world. United Nations figures show that the global population is rising at a rate of more than 250,000 a day and that the growth rate is unlikely to slow down until well into the next century.

Agrimor is one of the world's most versatile suppliers of crop protection products, supplying on a regular basis close to 100 different active ingredients in different formulations and packaging configurations.